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Limerick's Scottish residents have marked Robert Burns Night in celebration of the life and work of Scottish wordsmith Robert Burns for 17 years now, with the first 15 years being held in Bobby Byrne's Bar, before a January 2020 switch to Dolans due to crowds getting bigger each year.

The organisers of the event are Michael Paul Potter and Noel Flannery, with Noel Flannery being a teacher and huge fan of Robert Burns' poetry.

Michael Paul Potter was born in Donegal Town where a Burns Night had been started in Harvey's Point Hotel the year before it started in Limerick; that Donegal event is run by Noel Cunningham, who has been on TV3 over the years, and that was where Michael got the idea.

RTÉ Television have twice attended the Limerick event, which traditionally serves Haggis from Pat O'Doherty's Butcher's in Enniskillen. Pat supplied The G8 in Fermanagh a few years ago, along with Harrod's of London.

Completing the Scottish feel of the night, the organisers usually have Walker's and Patterson's Scottish shortbreads, Tunnock's teacakes, Scots Clan sweets and Scottish Whiskey as spot prizes.

For 2021, in light of current restrictions, the team behind this annual event is determined to keep the (virtual) haggis & tartan flowing, so join us online for January 25th.

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The event itself is free, so we gratefully appreciate all sponsors and donations in support of this event, both this and past years. As this year's event is online, any donations will be used to offset costs associated with hosting and running the event.

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Matthew Potter - Historian (with thanks to Matt Kelly & RTÉ Nationwide)

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Testimonials from the Live Event

Welcome, feast and revelry,
Tipsy dance and jollity,
Braid your locks with rosy twine,
Dress yourself with garments fine
Tonight we dance, tonight we dine,
With mad music and strong wine.

Event FAQS

This year's event is online-only, and will be available free to view from this website and from our YouTube Channel

If you would like to take part in the event, please email submissions@limerickburnsnight.com, giving details of what you wish to contribute to the night, which can include





We are accepting sponsorship for small amounts from local individuals or small businesses for donations or so please contact us if you wish to contribute.

Supporters will be listed and thanked on this website, alongside their logo

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